Category: Event

Skiing Yeti Mountain

25 MAY: Play Skiing Yeti Mountain and help raise funds to assist with earthquake relief in Nepal.

Surprise Attack Humble Bundle

7 MAY-15 MAY: Surprise Attack has a local indie Humble Bundle. Get games, support charity.

Hunt for Starlight

30 APR: Brad Jolly runs special Monster Hunter quests on Twitch for EB Games’ Starlight Week.

EB Games Starlight Week

27 APR-3 MAY: EB Games Australia hopes to raise $650,000 for the Starlight Foundation

Tin Man Games Humble Bundle

20 APR-4 MAY: Tin Man Games has a mobile Humble Bundle. Play gamebooks, support charity.

Australian STEM Video Game Challenge

20 APR-21 AUG: Australian STEM Video Game Challenge. Win money for your school or charity.

Kiwi-Cast Gaming Live Stream

11-12 APR: Kiwi-Cast Charity Gaming Live Stream for Rebuild Christchurch.

Time Trial Challenge at Perth OCC

11-12 APR: Gold Coin Time Trial Challenge for Game4Life at Oz Comic Con Perth.

Medic April/May Children’s Health

APRIL/MAY: Medic will #beplayer2 for SIDS and Kids: live streams, cons, auctions.