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May 2015 events

MAY: Games-related charity events, blog posts and resources for May 2015

Skiing Yeti Mountain

25 MAY: Play Skiing Yeti Mountain and help raise funds to assist with earthquake relief in Nepal.

Vertiginous Golf Xbox 360 Controller

8 MAY-11 MAY: Vertiginous Golf Steampunk X360 Controller Ebay Charity Auction

Big Head Mode GTAV Charity Stream

10 MAY: The Big Head Mode crew plays GTAV on Twitch for Medic Charity | SIDS and Kids.

Surprise Attack Humble Bundle

7 MAY-15 MAY: Surprise Attack has a local indie Humble Bundle. Get games, support charity.

Medic April/May Children’s Health

APRIL/MAY: Medic will #beplayer2 for SIDS and Kids: live streams, cons, auctions.